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The attention to detail and craftsmanship is incredible, and every time I step onto the green with my putter, I feel like I have a secret weapon in my hands. It's a reflection of my style and personality, and I couldn't be happier with the result!

Mike F.


People often ask me how I got into making putters? Well, by accident. I spent most of my life building hotrods, muscle cars and trucks for a living. The shop I worked at grew from garage builds to six figure cars and trucks featured on tv and magazines and center stage at some of the biggest shows in the country, SEMA, Goodguys, Detroit Autorama,ect.... This pushed us to learn and grow our skills from just building cars to developing parts from scratch.

     This gave me the opportunity to learn CAD design and cnc machining on my own. So I decided to make myself a putter that was exactly what I wanted to use and built to my own style and specs in every way. It just made sense to me that I should give every other golfer the opportunity to do the same.

    So why would you play a putter that is built for anyone but you? I do my best to bring you inside the shop to design and build your perfect putter. 

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